Bill W. Wooley

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J.D. – South Texas College of Law, 1995
B.S. – Texas A&M University, 1990

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  • Government and commercial transactions, negotiations, procurement, and litigation
  • Government and commercial contract management, compliance, and training
  • Government contract claims, audit / investigation support, regulatory compliance, training and bid / size status protests
  • Business development counsel, including proposal support, legal compliance, strategic alliance formation, and small business programs and protests
  • Corporate formation, re-organization, merger, and due diligence
  • Employment transactions and litigation, including Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Competes, wage determinations, policy development, and statutory / policy compliance.
  • Executive and operations counsel and training
  • Debarment actions
  • Intellectual Property rights protection
  • Dispute resolution
  • Export Control – ITAR compliance

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Licensed – State of Texas, 1996
Licensed – State of Louisiana, 1996

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U.S. Court of Federal Claims
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas
Texas Supreme Court

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American Bar Association
National Contract Management Association – Space City Chapter

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Bill W. Wooley

Of Counsel

Bill Wooley possesses a comprehensive blend of transactional, contract management/compliance, and litigation experience in both government and commercial environments. Bill’s specialized knowledge and experience working directly with diverse business professionals enables him to understand and relate to the practical issues facing government contractors and businesses today.

Prior to joining Neel, Hooper & Banes, Bill served as In-House Legal Counsel and Director of Contracts / Proposals for government contractors that provide engineering, IT, logistics, maintenance / repair, and other professional services to various U.S. Government agencies, including DOD (Army, Air Force, Navy, Joint Forces), NASA, DOE, USACE, DOJ/FBI, Department of State, GSA, and ICE. As In-House Counsel and Director of Contracts / Proposals, Bill has developed unique expertise. As a result of his diverse knowledge and experience representing government contractors, Bill has become regarded as a leading authority in such areas.


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Phone: (713) 629-1800
Fax: (713) 629-1812

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