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For over 40 years Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C. has provided general counsel to businesses and corporations for all labor and employment matters. Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C.  Employment Lawyers only represent business owners, executives, and management teams for all Texas businesses and corporations.

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It is a fact that CEO’s, corporate executives, and business owners face extremely different work-related issues in the workplace.  While at the workplace, executives and management teams most likely have to deal with contract negotiations, handle bonuses, and other types of compensation, face arbitration agreements, or need to negotiate a severance package. For this type of work, a business owner or executive will require the experience of a corporate employment lawyer who can handle these matters quickly and confidentially.


The corporate employment lawyers at Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C  have represented Texas corporate executives and business owners now for over 40 years.  Our team of experienced management side labor and employment attorneys has represented small business owners to large scale government contracting corporations. Our core labor and employment legal services are designed around representing CEO’s, presidents, vice presidents, general and senior legal counsels, and other upper-level management personnel. Thus making Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C. one of the best employment law firms for employers.

Some Of Our Work For Corporate Executives has included:

  • Negotiating and renegotiating contracts
  • Drafting agreements for partners, independent contractors, and employees
  • Handling corporate restructuring deals
  • Dealing with compensation and equity agreements
  • Creating severance and exit packages
  • Developing Employee and Employer work policies and hand books
  • Our goal is to find you and your company resolution in a discreet and timely manner. That’s why it is beneficial to use Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C. to mediate and help settle your case. However, if the situation cannot be resolved, we are prepared to bring a lawsuit on behalf of our clients.

Employment Discrimination Against Executives
Our employment lawyers also represent corporate executives who have experienced discrimination while in the workplace.

If you are a corporate executive or business owner who is in need of an experienced corporate employment lawyer,  contact the corporate employment lawyers at Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C. for an evaluation of your case.

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