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OSHA Defense Attorneys

Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C. OSHA defense attorneys in Houston Texas provide nationwide OSHA defense counsel for companies that have received an OSHA violation citation. OSHA citations can be costly, to a company where fines can exceed $130,000 for a willful or repeat violation. OSHA citations can also harm a company’s reputation by giving it a stigma of an unsafe workplace. A Neel Hooper and Banes P.C., OSHA lawyer can represent your company and provide OSHA defense counsel on a wide range of matters from reviewing your company’s safety plan.  To make sure it complies with OSHA standards to protect the employer’s interests if an OSHA citation has been issued.


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OSHA Regulations are Complex

Across the country, OSHA laws and regulations are complex and ever-changing. Adding to the complexity of federally regulated OSHA Law is that about half the state’s proprietary occupational and safety requirements for certain categories of employers. The OSHA mission is to protect workers’ health and safety, where employers must comply with all applicable OSHA standards, which will vary by industry. In addition to setting up safe workplaces and practices, all employers must immediately report workplace deaths or serious injuries to OSHA, and companies with more than 10 employees in certain high-risk industries must keep detailed records of all but the most minor injuries and illnesses throughout the year. OSHA enforces its standards by performing inspections. During the Fiscal Year of 2020, OSHA the federal agency conducted 21674 inspections, in response to injuries, fatalities, or complaints about safety violations from employees. Most OSHA inspections are programmed and focused primarily on industries where known hazards exist, such as construction, manufacturing, farming, maritime, utilities, and some categories within the health care, transportation, and recreational sectors. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, OSHA initiatives have been prioritized to eliminating coronavirus-related hazards for hospitals and other health care providers in geographic areas in the United States with high transmission rates. In 2020 Employers with high numbers of COVID-related sicknesses have been prioritized for inspections. OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Program in 2020 identified 80,910 workplace hazards, removing 667,492 workers from potential harm.

Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C., OSHA attorneys can help

A Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C., OSHA Defense Attorneys can provide legal counsel and represent employers when a violation citation has been issued. Attorneys at Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C., can help train your company’s management team or designated safety officers on how to enforce safety standards and how to prepare for potential OSHA inspections.  They can also represent your company with your safety officers throughout the OSHA inspection process.

Besides reviewing your safe practice standards, a  Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C., OSHA defense lawyer can advise employers on how to respond to a catastrophe, such as a serious workplace injury. Having a Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C. OSHA attorney by your side during such critical times can help prevent any misinterpretation that could inflame the problem. Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C., OSHA Lawyers can provide your company rapid response, which may include appearing on your site to assist you with your investigation and your dealings with OSHA.  They can also provide guidance on reporting the incident, responding to OSHA subpoenas and document requests, presenting employee witnesses for OSHA interviews, and generally making sure you assert your rights throughout the investigation.

Responding to OSHA citation

OSHA cites companies for a wide variety of violations. If you receive a citation, a Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C. attorney with expertise in OSHA matters can work to get your monetary penalty reduced or even get the citation vacated in some cases. Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C. OSHA Attorneys can also negotiate a modification of the citation so that it is reclassified into a less serious category, such as getting a “Willful” classification reduced to “Serious,” or a “Serious” reduced to “Other-than-Serious.” In addition to requesting an informal settlement conference to mediate the penalty, attorneys can contest an OSHA citation through litigation.

Keep in mind that if a violation occurs, there are processes in place to contest OSHA citations. Consult with an experienced Neel, Hooper, and Banes P.C. OSHA defense attorney that can develop a legal strategy to protect you and your business.


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