Houston Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual Harassment Claims Attorneys Houston Texas

In the state of Texas all workers have a right to feel comfortable and safe in their work environment. Sadly, today men and women can easily file claim of sexual harassment, against an employer which can become a be a serious problem for your workplaces and company. While the boundaries of what may or may not be prohibited can sometimes be difficult to understand, any worker who claims to be  the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace may have legal recourse to take action against your company .

At  Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C., we believe that protecting your management team or business from claims of sexual harassment deserves a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer, who has had experience mitigating these kinds of cases. A labor and employment attorney from  Neel, Hooper & Banes, P.C. can help review your case,  handle the necessary paperwork, investigation, and negotiations that would be fair and just for you.